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Production Notes -

Junie B. Jones Jr.

See you on stage:

August 1, 2, 3, & 4 2018  |  8:00pm  | Deerbrook Covenant Church

Check out our  BACKSTAGE PASS  for general and ticket information

It will soon be showtime!

Costume Updates  . . .
Please look over the entire costume list and ask your child what characters they are playing.  All children will be told what costumes they need and are responsible for sharing this information with you.  Please look carefully at the pictures in our costume email (will send when ready!) as we want the costumes to look as professionally and well done as possible.  Remember that your child needs to be able to sing and dance in their costume (so choose something that won't fall off or become a distraction to them on stage.)  If you have any questions please contact Whitney at  She is more than happy to help problem solve or give you ideas for costumes.  RPAC uses Barb Smith as our preferred seamstress.  If you need help with costumes, here's her contact information  -  email:; phone number: 816-529-3956.  You are not required to have your costumes made.  You are welcome to be creative when putting them together.  This is just an option for those that want to have them made.  We would like for no glitter to be used on any costumes or props.  Please let us know if you have additional questions. 
Costume Parade is scheduled for TBA.

Calendar Updates  . . .

Please be sure to check the Camp Calendar under IMPORTANT LINKS on this page. 

Updates from the Sets Committee . . . 

More information coming soon!

Camp UPDATES (will also be available via email)

PROGRAM ADS - We are currently looking for businesses to purchase half or full page ad space in our keepsake programs.  If you know of a business that might be interested or you personally would like information, please contact Jeff Reed for more details.  You may also purchase half or full page ad space in the program to showcase your child as well if you like.

DRESS FOR SUCCESS - Please make sure your children wear tennis shoes or dance shoes to all rehearsals. No sandals/flip flops please!

BIOS ARE DUE - All performer Bios for the program should be in by - TBA - . Please make sure your child's bio is in on time (click here).

PHOTOS FOR THE PROGRAM - Headshots for the program will be - TBA - . Please make sure your children are polished and ready for this day.  If our shirts are in by then we will wear those for the picture.

 OFF BOOK! - We are Off-Book starting - TBA - .  All lines and songs need to be memorized.  Please make sure your children are ready for this day.

COSTUME INFO - The costume and ticket link emails will be out soon!

BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE! -  Please continue to have your children practice at home their blocking and choreography with energy, volume, and facial expressions daily!

If you have questions or need additional information, contact our Theatre Director

Jeff Reed at